Two more finishes

I finally finished “Home of the Brave.”  It is sitting on my Americana shelf in the living room.  You might be able to see it in the photo below.  The pictures that I took of it didn’t come out well at all.  I am not thrilled with my finish but mostly I never am!

And I finished Liberty Manor!

lib man 3

A finish I actually like!

The pin is an old one that I had bought in a cross stitch store about 20 years ago.  I used to wear it on patriotic holidays.  I haven’t worn pins in years.  It will be joining the others on the plant shelf.

I started “Faith of the Heart” by With Thy Needle and Thread.  It is slow going.  I special ordered the Valdani floss since I couldn’t find a conversion chart.  I am not impressed.  The first skein had several slubs and a knot, and the thread just shredded.  I tried Thread Heaven and it wasn’t much better.  Beeswax seems to be the only thing that makes it acceptable to use.  Next time I would probably not order it but use whatever color I like.  Maybe I was just unlucky with it, which is certainly possible, but at this price I can’t afford to work with something I don’t like.

I also started another “America” by Little House.  This one is for the plant shelf.  I had to do some serious frogging and haven’t caught back up to where I was before.  😦

And I frogged the entire roof on John Hancock.  My skein of CC Muddy Puddle wasn’t even close to the one on the chart’s photo — it blended in with the Hickory Sticks too much and hardly had any grey in it at all — more of a black.  So I am going to re-do it with a new skein which is mostly grey, like the photo.

That’s a lot of reverse progress!  I guess it is more of a “regress” update.  😦

Until next time, may the frog stay far away from you!  (And me, too!)


May Update #5

I have a finish!

My new start was Liberty Manor by 4 My Boys.  I have had this pattern for a long time!  It was an enjoyable project.  I started it on the 13th, worked on it the 14th, 15th, and finished it yesterday.  It was not without problems, though.


The problems are dye-lot related.  Let me stated that I love truly overdyed threads.  The blue in the house is clearly 2 different dye lots.  I had three partial skeins of this floss, wound onto a bobbin.  I didn’t notice until I was through the outside layer.  I’m not too happy about the end result.

The second dye lot issue:  I had multiple skeins of the “green” in the grass.  This is one of those original colors from the 1990s, and was always shades of green.  Well, I ordered a skein online at some point and was sent a skein that is completely brown.  Useless for me at least.  So I used one thread from the brown skein and one from the green throughout.  The sample on the right is the correct color.

dye lot extreme

What can you do in a situation like this?  If you HAVE to order online, you are unable to control what dye lot is sent to you.  These threads aren’t cheap! If you complain about it anywhere online, you will get shot down by the Great Defenders of Overdyed Threads.  To them, I say:  I have been using overdyed thread for over 20 years.  And, I have DMC that is just as bad!  Go away now.

I have ordered a lot of overdyed floss this year, and some has the OLD company name on the label or an old-style tag.  Is it going to match the model?  Will I have to change it out?

One “overdyed” floss that I recently ordered (and used) was completely solid.  I could easily have used DMC 3371 instead.  It is exactly the same!

I wish I had a store nearby to see the thread in person.  I might have to make some occasional trips (1.5 hours) just for that reason.

Off my soapbox now…

On the 15th, I was supposed to have a new start.  I put 8 stitches into Faith of the Heart by With Thy Needle and Thread.  When scheduled stitching gets to the point that it becomes an obligation, it is time to quit.  I don’t like having all these started projects.  I have enjoyed stitching on all of them and to have to put them down felt like punishment.  So I am going to keep working on UFOs for a while until I have some finishes.

Plans for today:  Maybe finally finish John Hancock!

Until next time…  🙂  Happy stitching!