July stitching

Saturday was finishing day — these are the pieces that are finally finished.


Main Street Gazebo


Early Americans progress

I designed these and stitched them over the weekend.  You can’t see “love” or “joy” because they are caught in the q-snaps.  I am not sure how I will finish them.  I had been thinking little pin pillows as gifts for my ever-changing weekly prayer partner at our ladies’ Bible study, but then I started to second-guess myself.  What if she doesn’t sew? Now I don’t know…


After much time spent ripping out the right side, I finally finished this one!  The *local* beeswax made a huge difference.  The other beeswax was drier — this one was soft and not leaving chunks on the floss, and it made the Valdani thread stop shredding.

I also had a start but no photo yet.  It is the Mary Burgess Sampler from the Essamplaire, which you can see here.

I have been working a little on Samplers from the Scarlett House.  My “goal” would be to finish 2 UFOs before starting another project.  I have 11 to choose from, which is so embarrassing.  I’d really like to get the number DOWN — to 5 or less.  I would feel better.  Wish me luck!

Happy stitching everyone!



What a month!  Overall, it was a quiet stitching month because it was interrupted for hurricane evacuation.  It was hard to think that ALL my stitching could be lost — both stash and finished projects.  Due to space constraints, I grabbed Quaker Gone Tropic and packed it, forgetting that I was staying with chain-smoking relatives and didn’t want it exposed to that, so it never saw the light of day.  So there were quite a few stitching days lost this month!

I am thankful for NO damage to our property.  The tree I was concerned about (and prompted the evacuation) DID break, but it fell away from my house.  Praise God!

There were still a few starts and a few finishes this month, and a few older projects that I worked on.

The beginning of the month saw this start and finish, on a piece of 32-count scrap linen:


I love autumn, and I especially like autumn with squirrels (or cats.)

Finish #2:  Snowbirds, by Country Cottage Needleworks, on 28 ct jazz linen started Oct 8 and finished Oct 12


Finish #3: Kindness, by Little House Needleworks, started Oct. 15, finished Oct. 16


Next I started the Willow Tree sampler.  And things suddenly did not go well…

The stem is supposed to be on the ground.  Luckily I have a stitching helper who *loves* to frog…  which was no easy task, considering that those berries are all tiny smyrna cross stitches.

Quaker Gone Tropic has some progress…


And another finish!  Humminpatches, on 28-count Stormy Seas fabric


Photo with flash on:


The true color is somewhere in between.

I couldn’t GIVE this fabric away on eBay or Etsy.  I hand-dyed it myself and LOVED it.  I told myself that when the listings ended, it would be MINE.  And I am SO GLAD I got to keep it!  It is perfect for this piece and it is so pretty!

The floss is regular DMC and Color Variations.  This was a lot of fun!

A new start: Primitive Sheep

Oops,  the pattern says to use ONE strand of floss… oh well.  Two it is.


Another finish: Christmas ornament.  I made a few changes to the original pattern.


New start: Isabella’s Garden

I converted her hair color myself.  I am not thrilled with this project because of the fabric.  This is crystal whirlpool from PtP, and I HATE this fabric.  The dyeing process tightened it up so much that it is like stitching on canvas, meaning my hands hurt and my stitches are not even.  This is my last piece of it and the last piece of their fabric that I will buy.


I put in a very few stitches on Heartland Sampler this month.

At the beginning of the year, I considered starting 50 cross stitch projects to celebrate my 50th birthday.  I decided to try to finish 50 craft projects altogether, which I had accomplished by May.  I have at least 125 projects finished this year… closer to 150.

Where does cross stitch stand in that list?

I have had 36 starts this year, and 34 finishes.

I suppose I could just randomly start things to make 50 starts, and I *have* considered doing so.  Or that could be stupid and vain and a waste of time.  We’ll see how the rest of the year progresses.  One of my children is earning his master’s degree in December, another has a December birthday, and we are expecting out-of-state guests that month too.  So much could happen between now and then.

Until next time, happy stitching!

End of September

September began with me ordering more silk floss for Quaker Gone Tropic.  The month ended with me FINALLY receiving it.  So this project remained untouched until yesterday.  Here is my progress:

Quaker Gone Tropic Progress as of September 29, 2016

This has been a fun project overall.  The infrequent color changes make it go quickly.  My fabric is light yellow — not that you can tell.

I started and finished this cute little freebie from Tiny Modernist.


I love fall decorating, but I live in Florida, where fall is a meaningless term.

I started and finished Harvest Moon for the second time!  Hopefully this one will survive weather disasters.


Little House Needleworks “Gentleness” had been my classroom project, but I started having difficulty with my vision and had to put it aside.  This is what I have completed so far:


So I made “Plant Kindness” my classroom project instead:


I didn’t touch Heartland Sampler this month at all.  I am not happy with the sheep because they are barely visible.


Somehow I got 2+ pages done on Humminpatches:


This project is so fun to work on!

I brought Madonna of the Garden back out.  I had said it was a UFO, and it turns out  I had only stitched maybe 220 stitches on it last year.  Before the frog made a BIG visit, I got a little bit done on it.


I promised to post a picture of Beach-y Mood framed:


My stitching plans for October, Lord willing:

  1. Keep working on Quaker Gone Tropic
  2. Visit eye doctor!
  3. Complete a page of Humminpatches
  4. Keep working on classroom projects
  5. If my eyes are better, work a page of Heartland Sampler.
  6.  ???

You never know what will happen.  I could end up starting something new or working on Madonna again.  I do need to stitch one more Christmas ornament and while there are many patterns that I like, I don’t think the recipient would like them.  I have spent hours looking through my patterns, old magazines, and freebies without seeing anything I think she would like.

Happy stitching to everyone!