From the Pot

Last Saturday I decided to dye some fabric for sale.  I’ve listed a few pieces on Etsy and the rest are on eBay (Tropical_Stitches).

DSCN6464 (2)

You can see this one is a close match for DMC ecru.  I’m calling it “Daytona Beach” and it is 32 count, a fat quarter.

DSCN6487 (2)

Another 32 count fat quarter.  This is a close match to DMC 3033.  I’m calling it “Palm Beach.”

DSCN6485 (2)

32 count fat quarter, close to DMC 842.  I have two of these, called “Pensacola.”


Two 36-count fat quarters, close to DMC 3893, called “Cocoa Beach.”

712DSCN6499 (2)

40 count fat quarter, close to DMC 712.  I call it “Sanibel” (my favorite place!)

All fabrics are 100% linen by Zweigart, which is my personal favorite.

Why no international shipping?, you might ask.  I *would* sell to certain countries without a doubt, but after setting up all the complicated shipping rules and prices, I’ve found I sold ONE thing internationally, and I ended up with problems.  It took a lot of time and effort on my part to even complete that one sale.  (The buyer was in the Canary Islands and the shipping program refused to consider it Spain, and was blocking me from shipping it.)  Shipping costs are awful — even domestic rates.  $3.50 to ship up to 4 ounces???!!!  It feels like ripping people off but that is the actual cost, never mind the $1.00 for a padded envelope — I only lose money when I ship anything.

On the other hand, I *know* what it costs to ship things, so when a store blatantly overcharges me on shipping, I don’t appreciate that at all.  I lose money every time.  And if you sell on line, you know that both eBay and Etsy hit the seller with shipping fees on top of shipping costs.  So that has to be added in.

If you are interested in the fabric and are an international buyer, leave me a comment stating how to contact you and we can try to work out something reasonable.

All this to say, sadly, that while dyeing this fabric I re-broke my rib.  😦

There will be an update soon on Eleonora Cosci.  I have pages 1-4 done and page 8.  I’m partway through page 7.

Happy stitching, and keep your ribs intact!



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