Pre-Summer Finishes

I’ve had 3 more finishes since my last post.

Rosanna Pinkham reproduction sampler…


From the UFO pile… Right Spirit by La-D-Da.  Did you ever have a project that you like but hate stitching?  This is the one!


Dragged myself through this one…

A start and finish… Plum Street Samplers “Sampler Lesson 2”  (dragged myself through this one, too… mostly because I had some patterns arrive in the mail and of course, those interested me more.  Isn’t that always the way?  This photo is of the pattern because ALL the photos I took were too dark or too blurry.  And I used a tripod.  😦


In between Right and Lesson, I picked up another old UFO, Cardinal Points.  It was going well until this…

(Excuse the blur.  Accidentally put away the tripod/lights then remembered this one.)

What kind of “cardinal” is that???  Good grief!  He looks like a cartoon superhero or something!  Maybe Frankencardinal?  I had TWO people check my stitching and it is correct.  They checked my colors.  Then three people suggested making my own cardinal, changing the gold color and fixing his crest.  We have a family of cardinals that live in our bottlebrush tree and they sure don’t look like this one!  Back to the UFO pile it goes.  I actually considered selling the pattern and the started project together, but I’m a left-handed stitcher so I don’t know about that…  it might be worth a try.

Today I will be working on “Betsy” by Sheepish Designs.  🙂

My rib is better but not 100%.  I tried sitting in a normal chair yesterday and probably wasn’t ready for that.  It is coming along though!  The joys of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome…

It’s supposed to be 95 degrees today with high dewpoints.  I hope it isn’t like that wherever you are!  It’s not even 8:30 AM yet and it is 83.

Happy stitching!


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