May 19

I’ve had lots of time to stitch while having this broken rib.  The CT scan didn’t show anything much with the rib (it is not reliable for detecting breaks) but it found plenty of other things wrong.  Since I want this to be a positive, happy place for stitchers, I’ll drop it there.

Mary is coming along.  I don’t feel like I am making great progress, but progress nevertheless.  Here she is, as of earlier today:

Mary Burgess

The flower band at the top of the photo was tricky.  Modern patterns are usually symmetrical, and this band surely isn’t!  The Frog was very active here.  The width of the winding green vine (?) varied every time, and if you look at the flowers, they are all spaced differently.  There are 0, 1, 2, or 3 spaces beside each.  Well, I kept going on autopilot and centering them.  And the stems are different lengths, which got me, too.  Now it is the way it should be.

It feels like I have been working on the current band for weeks, but it’s really only days.  The birds are different, the trees are the same shape so far, and the satin triangles are all different.  Notice the trailing red on the 2nd one.  Yes, I forgot it and had to go back.  This one is keeping me on my toes!

I stitched this freebie yesterday and finished it today.  I tend to have a lot of needles threaded when working each project.  I have lots of pincushions, but they are small and lightweight.  I stuffed this one with weighted polyester pebbles for stuffing weighted dolls.  Not the best choice, most likely, but it weighs enough that it stays put.


It is poked full of needles from Mary Burgess at the moment.

I have another freebie started for something more mindless to do while recuperating.  I find Mary mentally taxing as I have to pay soooo much attention to the chart.  I think after that freebie is done (maybe tomorrow?)  I will start something else on a larger count for when I am ready for breaks.  I do have Our Lady of Guadalupe started on 28 count, and I finally gridded her this week.  I kept losing my place and it was wasting so much time trying to figure out where I am.  Perhaps something more mindless and simple.  I could start this year’s Christmas ornaments but it takes me ages to decide what to stitch for each child.  It takes longer than the actual stitching!

It’s rained every day since I last posted, which is very unusual for this time of year (or any time, really).  It’s been so dark in the house!  When it’s like that I tend to yawn most of the day and go to bed early.  I’m going to try to get through two periods of the hockey playoffs (Go Lightning!)  I normally enjoy stitching through baseball games but tonight the boys are channel hopping between the two sports.  Playoffs are stressful — not time to work on Mary.

Have a wonderful week, everyone, and enjoy every stitch!



May 12

Did you ever have one of those stitching streaks where you wonder where your mind is?  After a bit more work on Mary Burgess I noticed something.

Something BAD.

Here is my Mary, and the chart photo is to the right.

I’ve done a bit more than in this old photo.  And as I stitched along, I realized I had made a mistake.  The zero is one stitch wider than it should be.  That means the zero through seven are WRONG.

This is a kit with silk threads.  I will have to wait to see if I have enough leftover silk in those colors before ripping it out and fixing it.


So Mary was set aside and I started Bettsy Wood last Saturday, and finished her today:

Bettsy Wood 1808, Sheepish Antiques

I’m not too crazy about the light colored floss used for the over one stitching.  You will probably have to blow up the picture to really see it, and this is 25 count raw linen.

Notice the backwards “9”, the missing “1” in the 12, the non-symmetric blue plant thingy in the middle bottom of the sampler.  I had to pay a lot of attention when stitching that one!  The bottom border has a color change in it that I assume was due to thread shortage in the original.  What IS that thing beneath the crown on the left?  No one at my house could figure it out.  And I’m not sure what the animals are supposed to be.

Bettsy was 16 when she made this sampler.  That’s kind of old!  And she made so many mistakes.  I wonder if her name was really spelled with two t’s?  This would be really nice if done in primitive colors.  I considered it, and probably would have liked it better, but it really wouldn’t have been a reproduction then, just an adaptation.

Last Saturday night in bed I had one of my sneezing fits — multiple, violent sneezes.  And I broke a rib, according to my doctor.  Does it ever hurt!  It hurts to stand, hurts to walk, hurts more to sit back, and hurts worst to lie down.  This has not been any fun, though I have been able to stitch so far.  I had 13 x-rays (WHHHYYYY so many????) and a CT scan.  I have pain pills though I haven’t been taking them.  It hurts horribly to cough or sneeze.  I’m just trying to make the best of it but at times it is hard to concentrate.  The Frog has been hanging around over my shoulder, it seems.

My totals for 2018 are 13 starts and 15 finishes.  🙂  Not bad, considering I tend to like bigger projects.  Sometimes I feel bad when I see someone bragging about all their finishes, but then I realize that most of their projects are small and mine aren’t.  🙂

Do you mostly stitch smaller projects, big ones, or a mix of both?  I know some people only tend to do one type.

Have you ever hurt a rib?  How long did it take you to get well?

Until next time…

Happy, healthy, frogless stitching!