Marching on

Since my last finish, I have been working on Quaker Gone Tropic.  I am pleased to say that I *finally* finished page 3 and 4!  Both page 5 & 6 are underway now.


This is mostly page 5 and 6 in this photo.  The little starfish at the bottom is not finished yet.

I think I ripped out those seashells four times each.  I’m not overly happy with the colors, but they are better than their previous incarnations.

In the upper right corner of this picture, you might notice that I ripped out the green and changed the color.  I had finished that bit of silk and there was no matching color in the rest of the same skein.  The difference in color was stark — from green to deep teal, and I couldn’t pull it off.  It had to go.  I wasn’t pleased but what can you do?  I think dye lot issues are the most maddening.



When I pulled the piece off the q-snaps, I was unhappy to see that doing so ripped to stitches in the gold section below the big orange flower up top.  I switched to a Rolaframe, but I can’t work with those.  I need someone with strong hands to load the project for me, then it is too large and awkward to balance on my lap.  Back to q-snaps it went — this time big ones that fit the piece.  And I couldn’t balance that, either.  It kept flipping forward.  So back to 14″ q-snaps, with no fleece between the stripped clamp at the top and the stitching.  This seems to be working and isn’t affecting tension.

You can see that this piece is HUGE!  I am a little past halfway.  🙂

While I am still enjoying the actual stitching, I can’t wait for this one to be done!  It feels like it has been around forever.  (I started it on August 15, 2016.)  Maybe this one will reach the finish line soon!

Have a happy, blessed Easter, and as always, happy stitching!


Heartland Sampler

Hooray, it’s finished!


So why did it take so long?

My poor fabric choice.

This is 40 count lambswool linen.  It’s rough and scratchy and I have sensitive skin.  It can shred skin right off my fingers.  Another issue was the color — notice my barely-there sheep and picket fence (on the right, about halfway down.)  Once the piece is on mounting board, this may not be an issue but if it is, I will have to pick a different color and re-stitch it.

This was a fun piece to do and *should* have been finished much sooner.  I am so glad it is out of the WIP/UFO list.  🙂

I changed the color of the house to slate (Gentle Arts) because it would have been washed-out white too.  Other than that and some human mistakes, it was stitched as designed.  The chart was easy to work with, mistake free, so I would buy more patterns from the Scarlett House and would recommend you do too!  🙂

Happy stitching!


As my dad would say…  that’s “finally” in Italian.  🙂



I finished it yesterday.  The weird angles are because it is in a small q-snap as I am picking out the border.

On to something FUN!!!

I was thinking Heartland Sampler (but uh oh… a big house is next and I have had it with houses) or Guadalupe or Quaker Gone Tropic.  I’m feeling lazy so whatever is already in q-snaps is going to win.  😉

I think they all are in q-snaps…

I have 10 starts and 11 finishes for this year.  I know I will be starting my last baseball pattern soon, probably on Opening Day — it’s coming up quick!  Other than that I have no plans to start anything else.  Of course all plans are subject to change.  🙂

I’d really like to knock some things off the WIP–in-perpetuity list.  That’s my only goal.

My youngest son and I planted zinnia and marigold seeds today.  We’ll see how that goes.  Last year we had maybe a 60% success rate.

I’m off to finish frogging that border.  I am almost done and want to get it over with before I have to worry about dinner.

Happy stitching!