Paul Revere at last!  The Muddy Puddle floss came and I was able to finish him!  Abigail Adams is nearly finished, too.


The letter G… stitched on blue 28 count evenweave.20180221_180953_Burst01_resized

The letter S, stitched on 28 count Watercress Jobelan.

I have the letter “I” finished too, but the picture was not good.  I need daylight to capture the color of the fabric.

The letters are from the Cricket Collection pattern, “Spring.”  I am stitching each letter individually on different colored fabric because I have a finishing idea for them.  🙂

I’ve been down with tooth trouble, which means more time to stitch.  I just wish the tooth trouble was all in the past.  Let’s just say I had NO trouble until I went to the dentist.  They made it bad on the first visit, excruciating on the 2nd, and worse than bad on the 3rd.  $1700 later, and I have a lot of pain.  I had NO pain when I first went.  Not happy… but I am stitching!

Until next time… happy stitching!


2 thoughts on “Microfinishes

  1. Beautiful stitching! I understand your dentistry troubles. I went to one place that lied and pretty much wanted to replace old fillings and they also lied on their claims taking more out of my benefits! Found a new place where they are honest and do their job well. You might consider finding a new dentist. Good luck and hope you are pain free soon!


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