Class and 2018 finish #1

I finally have a finish!  It was a 3-day project and was fun to do (although the ric-rac row was a bit of a pill.)

fear not

Fear Not needleroll, Shepherd’s Bush, from Shepherd’s fold 2014

Making it into a needleroll is another story.  The last one I did sat for about 15 years unfinished.  Yikes!

I started off January by teaching an introduction to cross stitch class.  I covered the different types of fabrics, different threads, tools like needles and scissors, how to floss toss, thread conditioners vs. wax vs. nothing, etc.  Then the girls got to choose their patterns!  I presented them with a large number of freebies and some designs that were donated by a cross stitch store just for our class.  Three out of four girls chose designs from the store!

So their projects were 2 Lizzie Kate freebies, one Lizzie Kate design, and a freebie from My Big Toe designs.

The girls set out to purchase their supplies.  One girl wanted brown fabric and got a crash course in how to dye with tea and coffee.  She accepted the challenge and dyed her own Aida!  None of the girls chose linen fabric, although it was an option.

For our next class, we started stitching!  I taught them the loop method, how to end threads, stitching one stitch at a time and stitching across a row.  I taught them how to read the chart and how to find one’s place on the fabric.

I think the biggest challenge was their limited supply of hoops.  They forgot to buy a bigger one and one girl really needed a 7-inch.

It was a great experience!  They asked intelligent questions that I just take for granted and it got me to look at stitching through the eyes of a newbie again.  I am self-taught so I made lots of mistakes along the way and would have liked to have someone teach me back then!

I hope I did a good job.  Their mom said they have been stitching away!


I hope I can teach again in the future!  I had a great time!

Did you have someone teach you to stitch, or are you self-taught?  Have you ever taught anyone to stitch?

I hope your January stitching was more productive than mine.  My current projects are all BIG and I feel like I will never finish anything!  Slow and steady, I guess…

Have a blessed week!