August Stitching

August has been a tough month.  I haven’t felt much like stitching at all.  When I have, I have been working on Quaker Gone Tropic.  The last time I touched it, it looked like this:


Now it looks like this:


It is stitched entirely in silk.  It is a fun, cheerful project.  The fabric is actually a soft yellow.

Needing a change of pace, I decided to try embroidery.

bunnies embroidered

I dyed the fabric to create the grass and sky.  I used Rit Dye and a sponge brush.  Not bad for a first effort.

I finally received my ring splints for my fingers.  The problem is, my floss and needle get caught on them.  I really need to wear the splints, as they help so much with the pain.  Unfortunately they make stitching next to impossible.  There isn’t any point in stitching to relax if it only has the opposite effect!

Next up:  I have had a punch needle kit since 2007.  I brought it out to try it and promptly broke the needle tip.  It had a burr on the end.  So I bought another needle, and put a burr in that one, too.  My husband hammered out the burrs somehow.  This wasn’t fun at all either, but I could see it as fun if I wasn’t breaking needles constantly.  So I decided to buy a better needle and some fabric.  And there was the issue — the fabric that came with the kit was 100% cotton of some type, so of course it was breaking the needle!  Once I had the right fabric, I found a free design and started working it, using the threads from the cheap kit.


Not bad for a first effort, and it’s really a lot of fun!

Next up:  I have always wanted to try rug hooking since I first saw it back in Asheville.  I liked it so much that I bought a hook there.  (We’re talking 2004!!!)  So I ordered two beginner kits, took the price tag off my hook, and got to it.

bee day 1

The day it came, I got this much done.  Fast forward three days, and I have finished it:

rug bee

Not bad for a first effort.  I love it!  It is as fun as I thought it would be.  The sad thing is that it is probably too expensive for me to take up seriously.  I know people get wool from thrift store clothing, but how much woolen clothing would be found in Central Florida????  I did order a second beginner kit and it came missing the wool.  The wool is “out for delivery” today and I’m sure I will start it this afternoon.

I’ve been knitting lots and lots of washcloths.  I am trying to use up my yarn stash, which is mostly cotton yarn.  I can knit a washcloth during the school day easily, with lots of time to spare.   I tried crocheting a shawl with some of the fancy sparkly cotton that I have and it hurt my wrist so bad that I took it apart.

knit wash

My fabric stash was all cut up into strips, except for a few pieces I hoarded for ???  I made a crocheted rag rug and didn’t really like it.  I threw the rug into the garage and put the strips into balls and stuck them in the yard sale pile.  😉

This is what I have been up to this month.  Not much for cross stitching, but plenty of other things!

On the agenda:  nothing set in stone.  I’m just going to play it by ear.

Happy stitching!



July stitching

Saturday was finishing day — these are the pieces that are finally finished.


Main Street Gazebo


Early Americans progress

I designed these and stitched them over the weekend.  You can’t see “love” or “joy” because they are caught in the q-snaps.  I am not sure how I will finish them.  I had been thinking little pin pillows as gifts for my ever-changing weekly prayer partner at our ladies’ Bible study, but then I started to second-guess myself.  What if she doesn’t sew? Now I don’t know…


After much time spent ripping out the right side, I finally finished this one!  The *local* beeswax made a huge difference.  The other beeswax was drier — this one was soft and not leaving chunks on the floss, and it made the Valdani thread stop shredding.

I also had a start but no photo yet.  It is the Mary Burgess Sampler from the Essamplaire, which you can see here.

I have been working a little on Samplers from the Scarlett House.  My “goal” would be to finish 2 UFOs before starting another project.  I have 11 to choose from, which is so embarrassing.  I’d really like to get the number DOWN — to 5 or less.  I would feel better.  Wish me luck!

Happy stitching everyone!