May Update #3

May 8th was a work-on-whatever-I-feel-like day.  Since “In God We Trust” only had the red to fill in, I decided to do that.  And I finished it!

igwt finished

This was very quick and fun to stitch.  Thank you to Paula for the comment — I never considered that anyone would want to know WHY I stitched a certain project.  This is for you!

I have been homeschooling my children for 20+ years now.  There is a 20-year difference between the youngest and the oldest child!  With my youngest, I discovered Mennonite curriculum and decided to give it a try.  This is what led me to discover the Mennonite church.  (I had never heard of them before.)  It became painfully obvious that the math was way too slow for him so partway through 3rd grade we switched to A Beka, which is what I used with the older children.  I also found that I strongly disliked the science, so in fourth grade — back to A Beka for science and health.  This year we were sticking to that plan, when *I* became extremely frustrated with the Social Studies.  It was ruining my day having to teach it.  I didn’t like it, thought a lot of the questions were irrelevant, and found the text to be somewhat racist.  Every day I was angry about the text and kept wanting to switch back to — yes, A Beka.  Finally my husband said, “Just buy the A Beka!”  So we started US History in February.  Yikes!  I have to get through the book and of course we haven’t yet.  This has rekindled my passion for history — my very favorite subject through all my life!  I loved history so much in school, especially European history.  I actually wanted to be a history teacher and was talked out of it by *my* history teacher!  (She felt that there are too many history teachers and not enough jobs — you get the job, you stay in it until you retire.  So I would be waiting around for someone to retire.)  And that is why I have been stitching so many Americana pieces.

The fabric I used is linen that I hand-dyed myself.  I use actual dye almost all the time, though I did just coffee and tea stain some fabric that you will see on future projects.  I like the dye so much better, so I probably won’t be doing any coffee or tea staining in the near future.  To my surprise, I actually enjoy dyeing my own fabric.  This saves lots of money as I am pretty good at matching almost any color or getting one I like better anyway.

Once I finished this project, I brought out Country Cottage Needleworks’ Main Street Flower Shop.  And yes, I finished that too!

flower shop finished

I am stitching this series because I was attracted to the colors.  It doesn’t actually “go” in my house.  I keep questioning my sanity over choosing to invest the time and money in the project — but it *is* fun, so I guess that makes it worth it.

I went back to Home of the Brave that evening but made very little progress on it.

On the 9th, I was supposed to start something new, so I chose John Hancock from the Little House Needleworks series, Early Americans.  I got most of the bottom done and the entire border.  I was stitching the flower pot last evening when I noticed a wonky stitch.  I can get picky about things like that, so I decided to rip out two rows and fix the offending stitch.  Because of the arthritis in my hands, I drop the needle a lot, and when I went to retrieve it, I stuck it into my thumb.  FAR into my thumb.  It took a a strong pull to get it out.  It was bleeding and extremely sore.  Poor John was put away for the night and I didn’t do any further stitching.  Hopefully I will work on him some today.

I haven’t chosen anything for tomorrow’s start.  I know myself too well.  If I planned out the month like some people do, it would become a chore and I wouldn’t enjoy it, but would feel obligated.  And who wants to feel obligated to a fun hobby?

Anyway, that is the latest update!  Have a blessed day!




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