May Update 1

This first project was finished in April.  It is a free design from Shepherd’s Bush.

ewe are

If you purchase the JABCO button, you receive the pattern for free.  It was quick and cute and took just one Sunday afternoon.

Ta – da!  I finally finished my school project.  I don’t plan on starting another since the remaining subjects for this year are the most teacher-intense/involved.

joyfulness lsv
Little House Needleworks  Little Sheep Virtue No. 12

And I started this one last night.  Here it is after two hours’ work, on fabric I dyed myself.

home brave day 1
Little House Needleworks Home of the Brave

May stitching to date:

1st – no stitching.  A sewing day.  😦

2nd – finished Little House Needleworks’ Little Sheep Virtue No. 12;

– started Little House Needleworks’ Home of the Brave

3rd (today) – plan to start  Hands On Designs – A Year in Chalk, February

The stitching has been fun, but the sewing — not.  I have done more work with my seam ripper than with my sewing machine, I think.  I have been getting advice along the way, too — but it still seems that sewing will never be my “thing.”  I am a happy cross stitcher and a frustrated, stressed seamstress.

Maybe I will have a finished dress to show you next week.  Please don’t hold your breath!

Until next time… keep stitching and smiling!


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