Moon and Back

It took 5 days to stitch this pattern.  I used the called-for fibers.  The fabric is my own hand-dyed linen.  I enjoy dyeing my own.  A couple of weeks ago I dyed around 8 pieces for various projects.  I think dyeing the fabric is as much fun as stitching!

moon and back stitched

I’ve listed the pattern for sale in my eBay store.

Next I will be working on the Shepherd’s Bush freebie, Ewe Are My Sunshine.  I am working mine on white Lugana (25 count) with DMC floss, and it shouldn’t take long as it is a small project.

Now I need to frost a cake.  Until next time, have a pleasant weekend full of stitching and joy (and no frogging!)



Spring isn’t usually a big deal here — rainy season returns at some point and the humidity increases exponentially.  So far it has been very dry — there are lots of fires throughout the state.  At our house, spring colds are making the rounds, and with the dry air, nosebleeds.  We have 3 cool mist humidifiers and even they aren’t enough to combat this extremely dry weather.

I have been stitching, although I took two days off completely.  I managed to break a toe about eleven days ago so there hasn’t been much I have felt like doing!

I started “Hello Spring” by Plum Street Samplers.  All the flowers were in shades of brown except the blue one.  Because my fabric was lavender swirl Jobelan,  I changed a few of the colors.

hello spring

This took 3 days to stitch.  It was a fun project!  I have more PSS charts but they are much bigger patterns.  Right now I have enough big projects in the UFO pile.

Keeping the Spring theme going, I stitched Bent Creek’s “Spring Row.”  This was another 3 day stitch.  I dyed the fabric myself — I couldn’t find the called-for fabric anywhere.  It is 32 count linen.

spring row 2

I managed to fully finish a couple of projects.  I forgot to take pictures of Bunnies Galore, but here is Long May She Wave from Little House Needleworks.


I have Land of the Free nearly fully finished except for the cording.

You can see my plans changed, as they often do.  Yesterday I started Moon and Back from Heart in Hand.  I don’t think I will make it a birth sampler.  I am thinking that this should be a 4 or 5 day project.  Yesterday I worked “nd more than all”, the sheep, and most of the owl.  I also finished Spring Row yesterday.  We’ll see.  I have three sewing projects ready to go, but one requires hand sewing.  I worked on it for maybe 5 minutes the other day and that was enough to take several layers of skin off one finger.  (I am allergic to nickel.)  And I’ll admit that I *hate* sewing.

My school project (Little Sheep Virtue) is nearly finished.  Just the sheep remains.  But my son missed 3 days of school last week due to sickness, so not much was accomplished there.

Plans?  I am reluctant to say anything!  Just stay tuned…

Enjoy your stitching!  That’s the most important thing — stitch what makes you happy.

Until next time…

A few small finishes

A Little House Needleworks pattern that came with the Classic Colorworks floss to stitch it.  A fun little project!  Stitched on my own hand-dyed “Antique” linen.

It sure needs ironing!

Another Little House pattern that came with the floss.  Also stitched on my hand-dyed “Antique” linen.

Ironing isn’t my favorite thing…

Betsy Ross, the first in the series “The Early Americans” from Little House Needleworks… stitched in Classic Colorworks cotton floss.  The border is from Vonna, the Twisted Stitcher.

Unfortunately,  I chose 32 count Lambswool linen (Wichelt) and the stars in the side border don’t show up.  I have tried 3 other colors of floss that I ripped out already.  I am not sure that I can keep the border on this one and may have to rip it out.  I have set it aside for future decision when my brain has had a break from this piece.  Your thoughts are welcomed.


Madonna of the Garden, by Mirabilia, framed.  It made it to its destination in time for the birthday.  🙂

20170327_200944_Mad Framed

I have pulled “Isabella’s Garden” out of the UFO pile and am working on that, along with my Little Sheep Virtue school project.  I am about 70% done on that one.  Isabella is probably only at 20%.  Her head is almost finished and some of her dress.

I would *love* to finish a few of my UFOs.  I only have 6 others — Quaker Gone Tropic, Heartland Sampler, A Right Spirit, Loara Standish, January (well, I only put 3 stitches into that one!) and Cardinal Points.  Then I wouldn’t feel so bad about starting the Little House ABC Sampler series.  Or something else!

I am going to ask someone to put Loara and Quaker on scroll rods for me.  I have the rods, but my arthritis won’t allow me to put them on and tighten them myself.  😦

Happy stitching!!!