Hooray for Old Time Pottery!  My first fully finished project for the year.  🙂



Finally a finish!

January was not the best stitching month ever.

I made many trips house hunting, and because of the distance involved, they were all-day affairs.  I don’t stitch in the car because it is my husband’s, thus not very clean, and I get motion sickness if I stitch or read while traveling.  No traveling migraines for me any more!

We finally found a house.  It is by no means perfect.  The square footage is larger than my present home, yet my things are NOT going to fit there.  The secondary bedrooms are very small, and I can’t fit both sons in one room.  If I put both beds in there, they would need the other bedroom for their bureau and bookcases.  Gone are my visions of a craft room!  I don’t even know if my present craft storage can stay.  It will have to be scattered in the main living areas (which are also small) or jammed into my closet.  I am not sure I can keep my sewing table!  And every Amish-Mennonite lady has a sewing table somewhere!  But it is only 8 minutes from church and has a great yard and enormous screened lanai.

On January 7th, which happens to be my birthday, I started stitching The Cricket Collection’s “January.”  I put about 3 or 4 stitches into it when I decided to start another project.

I got this *great* (cough cough) idea to stitch “His Name is Jesus”, which is a pattern I have had for years, for my realtor.  My realtor is also a preacher, and I thought she would love it.  And, it is supposed to fit in a stock frame!

I admit to almost giving up on it several times.  The frog was constantly by my side.  There are still minor mistakes in it, even with HOURS of frogging.

My first *bright* idea was to stitch the words “His Name is Jesus” in Kreinik #4 braid.  Never mind that I *hate* stitching with that stuff.  I got as far as His Na-part of the M and ran out of braid.  It is a 2.5 hour ride to buy braid, or I could order *just* the braid and pay exorbitant shipping costs.  Thus I cast the project aside to think about it.  And there it sat, for weeks.

Second brilliant idea:  Start another one for my friend!  I asked what her favorite color is, and she said blue.  Baby blue and true blue.  So, on the 14th, *her* birthday,  I started a second one.  And frogged.  And frogged.  And… frogged…

I got to about halfway, and decided to frog the braid on His Name #1.  I considered frogging the whole thing.

My 10-year-old came running out of the craft room/office/den/playroom with SEVEN cards of Rainbow Gallery Petite Braid Color 01.  “Wait Mom!  What about these?”


I actually *like* working with this fiber!

And so, yesterday, I finished His Name #1.


Bah humbug to trying to photograph pink.  It is the color of pink hibiscus.  I overdyed the fabric myself.  And the stitching isn’t crooked, but I did have it in my q-snaps crooked for a while.  It will block out.

So, it is supposed to be *easy* to find a 12 x 16″ frame in any craft store or department store.  Except, it isn’t.  We have lots of these stores around and NONE had a 12 x 16″ frame that wasn’t black or brown.  Sigh…

So now I debate.  Do I rip out His Name #2 since I would have to pay for a custom frame?  What do I do with His Name #1?  Why did I ever start these projects?

I told you I have bright and brilliant and great ideas.  😦

I am flat broke until the closing or I would order a custom frame.

My husband feels bad and is out hunting for Anything That Will Do.  Poor man.

So what are my stitching plans for February?

I *should* be moving at the end of the month, Lord willing.  I left the December Little Sheep Virtue out, His Name #2, and the Mirabilia Madonna of the Garden (I am thinking birthday gift.  For April. Another genius idea.)  I already put the rest of my projects away for now.  And of course, I feel like working on a reproduction sampler instead, which would be a new start or bringing out Loara Standish.  I think I am losing it…

Thanks for stopping by.  May the frog stay far, far away from your stitching and may you be blessed with hours of joy!