2016 in Review (Updated with Photos)

As 2016 draws to a close, I have gone through my project file and my planner to see what I accomplished this year.  I noted, added, and reflected on my completed crafts (and not completed crafts.)

There were 134 completed projects in my Excel file, which was sadly incomplete.  I shipped a huge box off to charity in May and forgot to write down what I sent.  I usually photograph everything, too, but my husband was in a hurry to go to the post office and I forgot.  I made project envelopes, zipper bags, washcloths, scrubbies, scarves, hats, burial angels, burial gowns, burial blankets, pajamas, prayer shawls, lace shawls, etc.

I finished 37 cross stitch projects this year.  My worst months were January and March (due to working on Spiritdancer) with ZERO finishes each.  My best month was July with 15 finishes (most of them small.)  I had 6 starts that I did not finish this year, and 3 older projects remained UFOs.

My 6 unfinished projects for this year:

Heartland Sampler, Quaker Gone Tropic, Winter, Isabella’s Garden, Joyfulness, and A Right Spirit.

3 old UFOs:

Loara Standish, Cardinal Points, Madonna of the Garden

Oldest UFO finished this year: My 2006 start of Mirabilia’s The Petal Fairy

December starts:

Little Sheep Virtues No. 12  Joyfulness, by Little House Needleworks (current school project)

Winter by the Cricket Collection (started Dec. 22nd)

December finishes:

Primitive Hive, by Ewe & Eye & Friends


December stash acquisition:

I ordered a bunch of patterns by the Cricket Collection.  I had so much fun stitching Beach-y Mood that I ordered January, Winter, Spring, and August.  I debated ordering December but couldn’t figure out how to get rid of the santa in the “R”, so I ordered the December cottage from Country Cottage Needleworks.  My youngest son was born in December.  My older son was born in August, and I am a January baby.


The Cricket Collection charts use lots of colors, so they aren’t the least bit boring.  The charts are sturdier than most, and they are crystal clear!  So easy to read!  I don’t have to blow them up on the copier or squint to make out the symbol or struggle with similar-looking symbols.  This is my floss box for “Winter.”


I use these boxes only if a project has a lot of colors.  One section is temporarily holding thrums (or scraps); one has my small scissors; the piece of linen is holding spare needles.  I usually have a Star De-Tailor in there too, but it is in the zipper pouch for this project right now.  If I was using thread conditioner (oops, I forgot!) that would be in there too.


December was a wild month.  There were two quick, fruitless house hunting trips at the beginning of the month, followed by my parents visiting the following week, then a birthday, followed by my son graduating from college with his Master of Science in Meteorology, followed by another family member visiting.  So there wasn’t much time for stitching.  And then, due to my age, I have had my “monthly friend” since the 8th!  I have lost so much blood that I am horribly anemic.  I haven’t felt like stitching, at least not physically, though mentally I have!  I keep hoping THIS IS THE END of that, but every other month, there it is.  It has never lasted this long before, though.  I am worn out.

Goals for 2017, Lord willing:

To finish all these started projects!!!  I ordered two Rolaframes and I am hoping that will help me get the two BIG projects going (Loara Standish and Quaker Gone Tropic.  QGT outgrew my q-snaps.)

Moving!  And I hope to have a great stitching spot in the next house.  🙂

Selling off stash — probably on eBay, instead of moving it.  Lambswool linen, used patterns, etc.

I have no other specific goals in mind.  I would just like to have a productive year!

May God richly bless you with a happy, healthy, joy-filled year!


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