November Wrapup

November was a strange month and not a very productive one as far as stitching is concerned.

The month started with a bang:  We were scheduled to list our home for sale on November 1st.  The agent listed it a few days early.  By day 2 we had multiple offers!

This involved packing up closet clutter, having professional photos taken, and showing our home 5 times in 2 days.  S-T-R-E-S-S.

Thus followed a frantic flurry of longer-distance, and unfruitful, house-hunting trips.  Lots of stitching time was lost.  Lots of stress means that when I am home, I don’t always feel like stitching, which is so NOT me.

But there was a little progress and several finishes.



Plant Kindness, by Little House Needleworks, stitched on Aida

This was my stitch-during-school project.


Little House Needleworks “Gentleness”

Another school project, stitched on 32 count linen.  I hate how the white is barely visible.  I changed the color multiple times too.  😦



Little House Needleworks Little Sheep Virtues “Gratitude”

Another school project.  28 count lambswool Jobelan in the called for threads.cam01289

Ewe & Eye & Friends, “Primitive Sheep”

32 count natural linen with DMC floss

And I started EE&F “Primitive Hive” right away.

There was some progress on Quaker Gone Tropic this month.  My camera batteries died and I grabbed my cell phone to snap these pictures, then forgot about QGT.

This is it!  I really made no other progress this month.

If you look at the photo with Prim Sheep and Hive, you will notice that I stitched them on the same piece of fabric.  I left enough room for my framer to frame them (some day.)  This wasted less fabric than cutting them individually, because of all the extra needed to fit in the Q-snap.  Yes, I do use a complete q-snap but removed one clamp for the photo.

You can see scraps of fabric beneath the upper and lower clamps.  That is FLEECE.  Yes, fleece.  Just scraps that I cut up.  You can put your needles into it, whether threaded or not.  I had read a tip years ago to use felt, and your loose old clamps will fit better.  Well, the felt BLED onto the linen.  So then I tried quilt batting.  If you like to put your needles into it, you will deal with lots of bits of fluff and that was a PAIN, especially when it would get caught in the eye or cling to the floss.  So I tried fleece, and it is by far the best!  No bleeding, and no fluff.  Try it!

I think you can see my normal stitching spot in this photo.  My lamp is never far from me!


If it isn’t incredibly hot out (which isn’t that often)  I like to stitch out here because of the abundance of natural light.729-pine-island-drive-14

I never actually stitched here, but this is Home of my Stash.  On the left you can see my flosses in the triple tower.  I got the DMC drawers from the local LNS when it dropped cross stitch for knitting.  😦  They only sold old patterns anyway and had been a yarn store from before I moved here.  In these drawers I store ALL of my floss, including overdyed, all my beads, Whisper, Petite Braid, and beeswax.


The bureau holds the rest of my stash.  The top two drawers hold other stuff.

Drawer 2 holds my patterns and kits.  Drawer  3 holds fabrics.  Drawer 4 holds most of my q-snaps and gadgets (Kreinik threads, charms & buttons, thread conditioner, pieces of fleece for my q-snaps, magnifying glass, Tacky Bob, etc.  The bottom drawer is the Cross Stitch Graveyard, where finished pieces reside until Someday when they get finished or framed, and patterns that I am finished with.


I have been stitching for 25+ years now.  No, I don’t have much stash, but I used to have LOADS of stash until I lost the vision in my left eye in 2001.  I was told that it would never come back, and I couldn’t see well enough to stitch, so I sold or gave away EVERYTHING except my DMC floss and Gentle Arts floss.  Then I got my vision back.  And everything was gone!

I lost my vision in that eye once more in 2007.  I was told it was too far gone and not coming back.  This time, I kept my meager stash.  And my vision came back 8 weeks later.

This month looks to be another hectic one.  My youngest child will turn 10 this week.  My parents are coming to visit this week.  Son #2 is graduating with his master’s degree in meteorology, Christmas, New Year’s, my birthday, my wedding anniversary, and in between finding a house and moving!

I would deeply appreciate prayers regarding finding a home.  Everything we have seen is in terrible condition (but priced too high for us to fix it) and not what we are looking for.

Since Hive is nearly finished, I hope to finish that this month.  I have the Little Sheep Virtues for December ready to be my school project.  I am not sure about anything else at this point!

Have a blessed, peaceful December!



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