End of September

September began with me ordering more silk floss for Quaker Gone Tropic.  The month ended with me FINALLY receiving it.  So this project remained untouched until yesterday.  Here is my progress:

Quaker Gone Tropic Progress as of September 29, 2016

This has been a fun project overall.  The infrequent color changes make it go quickly.  My fabric is light yellow — not that you can tell.

I started and finished this cute little freebie from Tiny Modernist.


I love fall decorating, but I live in Florida, where fall is a meaningless term.

I started and finished Harvest Moon for the second time!  Hopefully this one will survive weather disasters.


Little House Needleworks “Gentleness” had been my classroom project, but I started having difficulty with my vision and had to put it aside.  This is what I have completed so far:


So I made “Plant Kindness” my classroom project instead:


I didn’t touch Heartland Sampler this month at all.  I am not happy with the sheep because they are barely visible.


Somehow I got 2+ pages done on Humminpatches:


This project is so fun to work on!

I brought Madonna of the Garden back out.  I had said it was a UFO, and it turns out  I had only stitched maybe 220 stitches on it last year.  Before the frog made a BIG visit, I got a little bit done on it.


I promised to post a picture of Beach-y Mood framed:


My stitching plans for October, Lord willing:

  1. Keep working on Quaker Gone Tropic
  2. Visit eye doctor!
  3. Complete a page of Humminpatches
  4. Keep working on classroom projects
  5. If my eyes are better, work a page of Heartland Sampler.
  6.  ???

You never know what will happen.  I could end up starting something new or working on Madonna again.  I do need to stitch one more Christmas ornament and while there are many patterns that I like, I don’t think the recipient would like them.  I have spent hours looking through my patterns, old magazines, and freebies without seeing anything I think she would like.

Happy stitching to everyone!






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