Framed Finishes

On the left:  The Counting House (2016), Bee (2016)

Center: Sunflower Summer (mid-90s shop model I stitched)

Right:  I don’t remember the name of either one!  They are from the 1990s, I think.  One is dated 1996.


Give Thanks (2016), Noble, Right, and Pure (2015), Beekeeper’s Cottage (2016), Simple Joys (2016) and The Lord is Good (2016)

DSCN5568 shrunk

Cat and Dog (2016)  — Dog was stitched since my last post (8/4/16 – 8/7/16)

DSCN5570 shrunk

I forgot to snap a picture of Beach-y Mood at the other end of the house.  Next time.

The beeswax is working very well for the Heartland Sampler.  So far, so good — no more shredding.  I was using thread conditioner but the beeswax is so much nicer and feels so much better on the hands.  I am halfway through page 4 of the pattern.  🙂

Since I am back to teaching school, I started Little House Needleworks’ “Gentleness” which is my project to do while workbooks are being filled in.  🙂  My stitching time has been cut way back now so I won’t have nearly the amount of finishes as I had over the summer.  I have had 28 finishes so far this year.   I have done more small to medium projects this year than probably any other in the 25 years I have been stitching.  Since I turned 50 this year, I thought “Maybe 50 starts this year!”  but I am nowhere close.  🙂  I have finished way over 100 projects if you count knitting and crocheting and sewing.  Most of those go to charity or are given as hostess gifts.

Happy stitching everyone!



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