End of August

I knew the start of school would slow down my stitching, but I didn’t realize just how much it would!

I had started one of the Little House Needleworks Scripture pieces, which is quite small.  It isn’t even half done.

And then, on a whim, I started Quaker Gone Tropic.  This piece is over 11 inches wide and 28 inches long when finished.  I rarely have time to work on it.  This is my progress as of yesterday.



Page one is finished, and part of page 2.  I have changed almost all the colors.  The big whatever-it-is in the top center was supposed to be a silk floss that was bright green and orange-red.  The SAME COLOR, which I purchased at the same time as the pattern, is the gold that you see in the star.  That’s more than a dye lot change!  I was extremely unhappy with them when they arrived.  The greyish flowers on the vine are one of the original colors — drab, drab, drab.  As is the purple.  The green – well, the dyer didn’t have the right color and took it upon herself to substitute.  The original was lime.  The substitute was pale yellowish green which was INVISIBLE on the fabric.  To say I am unhappy with those threads would be an understatement.  And they cost $8.50 each!!!  Note to self:  I will never buy any of these threads again.  They are so tightly wound that they are curlier than my hair (!!!) and I am much happier with my substitutions, which are all either Caron or Gloriana silks and don’t fray!  And they are much more reflective of the tropics than those other colors.

If you like the pattern, buy other floss for it!!!  And make sure you really, really like the color you choose for that center top thing, because you will use a LOT of it.

If you had seen something you liked in my shop, please beware that almost everything is gone.

Wishing you happy, peaceful stitching…




Framed Finishes

On the left:  The Counting House (2016), Bee (2016)

Center: Sunflower Summer (mid-90s shop model I stitched)

Right:  I don’t remember the name of either one!  They are from the 1990s, I think.  One is dated 1996.


Give Thanks (2016), Noble, Right, and Pure (2015), Beekeeper’s Cottage (2016), Simple Joys (2016) and The Lord is Good (2016)

DSCN5568 shrunk

Cat and Dog (2016)  — Dog was stitched since my last post (8/4/16 – 8/7/16)

DSCN5570 shrunk

I forgot to snap a picture of Beach-y Mood at the other end of the house.  Next time.

The beeswax is working very well for the Heartland Sampler.  So far, so good — no more shredding.  I was using thread conditioner but the beeswax is so much nicer and feels so much better on the hands.  I am halfway through page 4 of the pattern.  🙂

Since I am back to teaching school, I started Little House Needleworks’ “Gentleness” which is my project to do while workbooks are being filled in.  🙂  My stitching time has been cut way back now so I won’t have nearly the amount of finishes as I had over the summer.  I have had 28 finishes so far this year.   I have done more small to medium projects this year than probably any other in the 25 years I have been stitching.  Since I turned 50 this year, I thought “Maybe 50 starts this year!”  but I am nowhere close.  🙂  I have finished way over 100 projects if you count knitting and crocheting and sewing.  Most of those go to charity or are given as hostess gifts.

Happy stitching everyone!


July Wrap-Up

For the month of July, I started 16 projects and finished 15.  Mostly they were small projects that have been sitting on the to-do list for a while.  One was a former UFO.

July 2nd — started & finished “2000 years ago” by Shepherd’s Bush

July 3rd — started & finished “The Angels Sang” by Shepherd’s Bush

July 4th — started and finished “Shepherds Watched” by Shepherd’s Bush

July 5th — started and finished “Wisemen Came” by Shepherd’s Bush

July 6th — started and finished “In A Stable” by Shepherd’s Bush

July 7th — started and finished “As Bethlehem Slept” by Shepherd’s Bush

July 8th — started and finished “Mary & Joseph” by Shepherd’s Bush

July 9th — started and finished “Sweet Baby” by Shepherd’s Bush

July 10th — started and finished “Candy Cane Cat” by Chessie & Me

July 11th – 13th — started and finished “Cat” by La-D-Da

July 14th — started “Heartland Sampler” by the Scarlett House — I only have page 1 finished.

July 17th — started & finished “Bee”

July 20th — finished “Beekeeper’s Cottage” by Shepherd’s Bush — started it in 2014 or 2015

July 22nd – July 26th — started and finished “Beach-y Mood”

July 27th -28th — started and finished “The Lord is Good” by LizzieKate

July 29th – 30th – started and finished “Bee Kind” by LizzieKate

July 30th — started “Scatter Kindness” by Shepherd’s Bush — the frog has been hanging around this one!  Also FFO’d 3 projects — the two Christmas ornaments for my sons at home and another old Christmas one.

I have listed more items on Etsy — some 40 count lambswool linen (done with that!  The piece is HUGE!)  and some patterns.

Plans for August:  Frames should be coming tomorrow for Bee, Beekeeper’s Cottage, Cat, and Beach-y Mood.  Framing those and finishing a few others as wall hangings and one as a bellpull (wish me luck on that one.)  School will be starting soon — next week perhaps — so my stitching time will be cut way back.

I’d like to try the beeswax on the threads for Heartland Sampler.  I’d like to finish Scatter Kindness.  My started projects (there are 6) are all big and not likely to see any love this month, though you never know.  I need to stitch one more ornament but can’t seem to find one I like (or rather, that I think the recipient would like.)  Nothing is set in stone as you never know what a day will bring nor do I know how I will feel.  Autoimmune diseases are unpredictable and I can be fine one day and flattened the next.

I love to look at other stitchers’ work so if you have a cross stitch blog or page somewhere let me know.  I am the only stitcher I know (in person) and I am inspired by others’ work.

Happy stitching!