Another Start/Finish

I started Beach-y Mood and finished it.  I took this picture yesterday morning.  I finished it this afternoon but a slight tragedy struck.  One of the sand dollar buttons cracked, as JABCO buttons are wont to do.  So I had to glue it.  Once it is dried and set I will get a finished picture.

Beach-y Mood by the Cricket Collection

This was so much fun to stitch.  There were 47 colors involved, all DMC.  I stitched it on watercress Jobelan, 28 count.  I think it would look nice in a white frame.  🙂  The only change I made was changing the color of the “A” — it exactly matched the fabric.  So I got out my DMC floss color card and just went a shade or two off from the designer’s choice.

I saw this stitched as a shop model on a tan colored fabric and thought it was so nice.  I was going to do mine the same, but once I did a floss toss on the Watercress Jobelan, I was convinced I needed to use that instead.

I finished page 1 of the Heartland Sampler and started page 4 when frustration took over and I had to set it aside.  Even though I am using thread conditioner, the threads keep shredding.  And, I don’t think the coverage is very good with the black floss.  I have used DMC on 40-count before with no trouble and NO thread conditioner.  This is all Gentle Arts Sampler Threads.  I am going to try beeswax next, since I have it.  Otherwise, this is destined to become a UFO or get re-started on a different fabric.  😦DSCN5528

I haven’t trimmed all my waste knots yet.  They are the wonky things in the photo.

I haven’t decided whether to start something new next or work on some WIPs.  I have an Excel file with all my stash and I will stare at study it for a while.  I will have to explain my Excel file some day as it is nice to have all my floss, fabric, charts, works in progress, etc. in one easy-to-use place.

Happy stitching!


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