Sunday Stitching

Yesterday was a quiet day at home.  I started this project even though I haven’t gotten too far on Heartland Sampler (almost through the first page, though!)

I stitched it from start to finish in one day.  🙂


The pattern is a freebie and can be found on the subrosa blog.

I stitched mine on 32 count antique white Belfast.  I used some of the recommended threads but substituted for others.  My flowers are DMC 3685 & 316 for a brighter flower.  The bees’ wings are stitched with one strand over 2.  The word “Bee” and the yellow in the bees is Queen Bee by Classic Colorworks.  And the skep is Weeks’ Dye Works in Whiskey, done in satin stitches instead of cross stitches.

My youngest son is easily bored on Sunday afternoons so I suggested that he try to copy the bee and the skep with his Legos.  The result:

bee lego

He had to do some serious counting and planning to figure out what size pieces he could use.  He was much faster than I!

Dating myself here, but it reminded me of playing with my Lite Brite.  🙂

Today is too painful for stitching as all my joints in my fingers and wrists hurt and I have a fever.  I did one strand on Heartland Sampler and have part of a chicken done now.  I have the chicks, a sheep, and part of the barn left on page 1 to do.  Tomorrow I have my visit to the rheumatologist and she will just say all this pain is from being old.  This started when I was in my 30s!

I listed a couple more finished projects in my Etsy store.  These are framed.  One I had hanging in my homeschool classroom, back when we had a much bigger home and more children at home.  Now it just hangs behind a door where no one sees it.  The other has been hanging in my dining room but tastes change and I would rather sell that one and have money to frame some of my finishes that reside in the drawer known as the Cross Stitch Graveyard.  I will update the page in a few minutes.  Foreign buyers just need to ask me about shipping costs if they are seriously interested.  It takes me hours to get shipping quotes, custom rules, etc. for all the different options and is usually not worth it for me in the end because I usually end up with a US buyer anyway.

God bless, and happy pain-free stitching!



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