Cat – La D Da

I finished Cat by La D Da.  I started it two days ago and finished today, using Sampler Threads as called for and 32 count cream Belfast linen.  I originally started trying to make the cat look more like my cat, but there was no turning the stitched cat into a Siberian — not with my limited skills.



No, no copying this beauty!

I finished the series of 8 ornaments by Shepherd’s Bush too.


Each only took one day to stitch.  I used 32 count lambswool linen and a few buttons and a charm that I had on hand.

I started gridding a piece of linen (40 count lambswool) for a large sampler and still haven’t finished it.  I can’t really see the linen without magnification and am debating switching it to 36 count as called for in the pattern.  That would mean I wasted a whole day gridding for nothing…  😦  Anyone want to buy some 40 count lambswool?  I have LOTS of it.

I saw some videos of people showing how they grid and some showed the back of their work.  It looked like a spaghetti mess!  I have seen other ladies’ stitching in person and nothing ever looked like that.  Maybe that is why I was a model stitcher before?  My backs look like this:


I don’t think I am special.  This is how I was taught.  I nearly fainted at the spaghetti mess.

I removed a few items from my Etsy store post.  The yarn, beads, and one finished piece are gone.  🙂

Happy stitching!



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