Christmas in July

Since my last post, I managed to have five small finishes.  The first was a Christmas ornament for one of my children.  I didn’t do the finishing work and because it is personalized with his name, I did not take a picture.

Then I arbitrarily decided to start the series of ornaments by Shepherd’s Bush from Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornaments magazines from 2000-2007.  I am trying them as one big piece, and have not decided whether to add a border.

SB Christmas touched

Today I have a migraine and so I have not stitched much at all.  I have been trying trigger point therapy and it is helping, but the headache isn’t fully gone yet.  When I have one of these headaches, I make too many mistakes with my stitching, so I know better and put it aside for now.

Would you add a border to this piece?  I left enough fabric just in case.  I have had to do some fudging to make them all work together and have made a few changes on purpose.  I always add Wisper (a Rainbow Gallery thread) to sheep and beards.  I do not have the charms with the exception of a sheep that is probably not the called-for one, so I have been making substitutes with floss.  I can’t even look at the magazines right now because my DVD player is not working.  😦  But I think it is coming out okay.

The last thing I need is another framed Christmas-only picture, but I like them so much that I have quite a few, and mostly they are Shepherd’s Bush.  I finished Angel Sampler and Wintertide Sampler last year and still have Emmanuel’s Song to do.  Buttoned Yule is another that I did a long time ago.  I *had* Merry and Bright (the old original one from 20 years ago) and Road to Bethlehem, but both were damaged in storage by the weather.  😦  Maybe I will do them again someday as I still have the frame from one of them.

That’s all that is new for now.  Have a blessed week!


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