Beach-y Mood and the Lord is Good

Beach-y Mood Cricket Collection Stitched on 28 count watercress Jobelan Start: July 22, 2016 Finish: July 26, 2016

I can’t really tell where I glued the button, and I am thankful for that!

The Lord is Good Lizzie*Kate 32 count antique white Belfast linen DMC floss Start: July 27, 2016 Finish: July 28, 2016

Today I will likely work on the companion piece, Bee Kind.  I am expecting some patterns in the mail but they won’t arrive until tomorrow.



Patterns and Linen

I listed a lot of (used) patterns and 4 pieces of 32 count lambswool linen in my Etsy shop.  Take a look!

I currently only sell to the US and Canada.  Buyers from the UK, Australia, etc. are welcome but I would have to do some research to figure out the postage costs.  Please ask if you are interested.

Another Start/Finish

I started Beach-y Mood and finished it.  I took this picture yesterday morning.  I finished it this afternoon but a slight tragedy struck.  One of the sand dollar buttons cracked, as JABCO buttons are wont to do.  So I had to glue it.  Once it is dried and set I will get a finished picture.

Beach-y Mood by the Cricket Collection

This was so much fun to stitch.  There were 47 colors involved, all DMC.  I stitched it on watercress Jobelan, 28 count.  I think it would look nice in a white frame.  🙂  The only change I made was changing the color of the “A” — it exactly matched the fabric.  So I got out my DMC floss color card and just went a shade or two off from the designer’s choice.

I saw this stitched as a shop model on a tan colored fabric and thought it was so nice.  I was going to do mine the same, but once I did a floss toss on the Watercress Jobelan, I was convinced I needed to use that instead.

I finished page 1 of the Heartland Sampler and started page 4 when frustration took over and I had to set it aside.  Even though I am using thread conditioner, the threads keep shredding.  And, I don’t think the coverage is very good with the black floss.  I have used DMC on 40-count before with no trouble and NO thread conditioner.  This is all Gentle Arts Sampler Threads.  I am going to try beeswax next, since I have it.  Otherwise, this is destined to become a UFO or get re-started on a different fabric.  😦DSCN5528

I haven’t trimmed all my waste knots yet.  They are the wonky things in the photo.

I haven’t decided whether to start something new next or work on some WIPs.  I have an Excel file with all my stash and I will stare at study it for a while.  I will have to explain my Excel file some day as it is nice to have all my floss, fabric, charts, works in progress, etc. in one easy-to-use place.

Happy stitching!

Sunday Stitching

Yesterday was a quiet day at home.  I started this project even though I haven’t gotten too far on Heartland Sampler (almost through the first page, though!)

I stitched it from start to finish in one day.  🙂


The pattern is a freebie and can be found on the subrosa blog.

I stitched mine on 32 count antique white Belfast.  I used some of the recommended threads but substituted for others.  My flowers are DMC 3685 & 316 for a brighter flower.  The bees’ wings are stitched with one strand over 2.  The word “Bee” and the yellow in the bees is Queen Bee by Classic Colorworks.  And the skep is Weeks’ Dye Works in Whiskey, done in satin stitches instead of cross stitches.

My youngest son is easily bored on Sunday afternoons so I suggested that he try to copy the bee and the skep with his Legos.  The result:

bee lego

He had to do some serious counting and planning to figure out what size pieces he could use.  He was much faster than I!

Dating myself here, but it reminded me of playing with my Lite Brite.  🙂

Today is too painful for stitching as all my joints in my fingers and wrists hurt and I have a fever.  I did one strand on Heartland Sampler and have part of a chicken done now.  I have the chicks, a sheep, and part of the barn left on page 1 to do.  Tomorrow I have my visit to the rheumatologist and she will just say all this pain is from being old.  This started when I was in my 30s!

I listed a couple more finished projects in my Etsy store.  These are framed.  One I had hanging in my homeschool classroom, back when we had a much bigger home and more children at home.  Now it just hangs behind a door where no one sees it.  The other has been hanging in my dining room but tastes change and I would rather sell that one and have money to frame some of my finishes that reside in the drawer known as the Cross Stitch Graveyard.  I will update the page in a few minutes.  Foreign buyers just need to ask me about shipping costs if they are seriously interested.  It takes me hours to get shipping quotes, custom rules, etc. for all the different options and is usually not worth it for me in the end because I usually end up with a US buyer anyway.

God bless, and happy pain-free stitching!



Cat – La D Da

I finished Cat by La D Da.  I started it two days ago and finished today, using Sampler Threads as called for and 32 count cream Belfast linen.  I originally started trying to make the cat look more like my cat, but there was no turning the stitched cat into a Siberian — not with my limited skills.



No, no copying this beauty!

I finished the series of 8 ornaments by Shepherd’s Bush too.


Each only took one day to stitch.  I used 32 count lambswool linen and a few buttons and a charm that I had on hand.

I started gridding a piece of linen (40 count lambswool) for a large sampler and still haven’t finished it.  I can’t really see the linen without magnification and am debating switching it to 36 count as called for in the pattern.  That would mean I wasted a whole day gridding for nothing…  😦  Anyone want to buy some 40 count lambswool?  I have LOTS of it.

I saw some videos of people showing how they grid and some showed the back of their work.  It looked like a spaghetti mess!  I have seen other ladies’ stitching in person and nothing ever looked like that.  Maybe that is why I was a model stitcher before?  My backs look like this:


I don’t think I am special.  This is how I was taught.  I nearly fainted at the spaghetti mess.

I removed a few items from my Etsy store post.  The yarn, beads, and one finished piece are gone.  🙂

Happy stitching!


Christmas in July

Since my last post, I managed to have five small finishes.  The first was a Christmas ornament for one of my children.  I didn’t do the finishing work and because it is personalized with his name, I did not take a picture.

Then I arbitrarily decided to start the series of ornaments by Shepherd’s Bush from Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornaments magazines from 2000-2007.  I am trying them as one big piece, and have not decided whether to add a border.

SB Christmas touched

Today I have a migraine and so I have not stitched much at all.  I have been trying trigger point therapy and it is helping, but the headache isn’t fully gone yet.  When I have one of these headaches, I make too many mistakes with my stitching, so I know better and put it aside for now.

Would you add a border to this piece?  I left enough fabric just in case.  I have had to do some fudging to make them all work together and have made a few changes on purpose.  I always add Wisper (a Rainbow Gallery thread) to sheep and beards.  I do not have the charms with the exception of a sheep that is probably not the called-for one, so I have been making substitutes with floss.  I can’t even look at the magazines right now because my DVD player is not working.  😦  But I think it is coming out okay.

The last thing I need is another framed Christmas-only picture, but I like them so much that I have quite a few, and mostly they are Shepherd’s Bush.  I finished Angel Sampler and Wintertide Sampler last year and still have Emmanuel’s Song to do.  Buttoned Yule is another that I did a long time ago.  I *had* Merry and Bright (the old original one from 20 years ago) and Road to Bethlehem, but both were damaged in storage by the weather.  😦  Maybe I will do them again someday as I still have the frame from one of them.

That’s all that is new for now.  Have a blessed week!