Almost the End of June

And I have another finish!

Hannah Jackson Reproduction Sampler

I had to really persevere through this one.  I am sure my family was sick of hearing me say how much I was NOT enjoying working on it.

I should have finished it on Saturday.  But on Saturday morning, I discovered that the verse was off.  The whole verse.  And the alphabet.  AND the tan border.  So I frogged it ALL and fixed it and finished it on Sunday morning.

The offending verse

It is perfectly stitched now.  🙂

I am almost finished with Beekeeper’s Cottage too.  I spent Sunday stitching it but it gave me a neck ache.  It is too narrow to fit in my needlework stand so I was holding the Q-snap frame in my hand and looking down all afternoon.  I have both a herniated disk and cervical kyphosis and my neck can’t tolerate that.

And, I think A Sampler of Psalms is going to be retired, or frogged and the fabric used for something else.  I worked on it yesterday and today and found a horrible error in the chart.  One of the grid boxes is only 9 stitches wide instead of 10.  I searched for MY error for a long time before finding their error.  Since this project ends up 29 inches long or so, it would be a long time of dealing with that mistake and I know how I am.  It will make me crazy.  I have been stitching for 25 years and never saw a mistake like that in the pattern grid.

I am selling some of my Mill Hill Beads in my Etsy shop.  I crammed as many as would fit into a small priority mail box.  I have more that I don’t really need/want, but they will wait for another day.  So if you need beads, take a look in my shop.

Hopefully I will have Beekeepers finished before next time.  I think there are only 5 bands left to go.  I know what frame I would like for it when finances permit.

Have a blessed day!




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