Works in Progress

I finished Give Thanks on June 6th, so it only took 5 days to stitch.  I stuck it in the Cross Stitch Graveyard and promptly forgot to take a photo.  I will drag it back out for one soon.

Then I had a bad week.  I had a severe flare of arthritis, with nearly every joint in my body hurting (minus ankles and toes this time.)  When this happens, I also run a fever.  So on a 90+ degree day, I had a scarf on my head, a lightweight winter jacket on, and was under a blanket.  No stitching could possibly get done with my fingers all swollen.

Post recovery, I made my youngest son a couple of pairs of pajamas.  Prior to the flare, I also made more zipper bags, which are holding my stitching supplies for the project stuck in the matching project envelope.

I started an old pattern that I have had for a very long time — Plant Kindness by Little House Needleworks — on a piece of 14 count Aida.  It will work better for the finish I have in mind.  I may just set it aside, though, and let it become my Arthritis Recovery project.  This is what I managed to do post-flare:

Plant Kindness, in progress

Then once I was feeling better, I brought out Beekeeper’s Cottage, which was supposed to be my “car project” and was shocked to find that I had only done the stars and the moon.  Was that really all I could do on a trip to Daytona Beach?  Ugh.  I have been working on it a little since.

Beekeeper’s Cottage, in progress

There is an oops in the flower row.  Since this is a kit with silk thread, I will wait until I am finished to see if I have enough silk to fix it.  I may have a piece of matching silk in my silk collection (which is mostly leftovers from kits.)

I snapped a picture of Cardinal Points while I had the camera out.  Not my favorite, as stated previously.

Cardinal Points, in progress

My photo makes it look brightly colored, but believe me, it is very dull.

This is Humminpatches, barely started, and a lousy picture too.  I love the fabric.  Again, a bad picture.  It was thundering and very dark while I took it.  The fabric is a light purple with aqua.

Humminpatches, in progress

After all that thunder, no rain.  😦

And lastly, Hannah Jackson, a reproduction sampler.

Hannah Jackson sampler, in progress

Sampler of Psalms hasn’t changed at all since the last photo.

That’s all that is new (and old.)  Hopefully your stitching has been more productive than mine!


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