Almost the End of June

And I have another finish!

Hannah Jackson Reproduction Sampler

I had to really persevere through this one.  I am sure my family was sick of hearing me say how much I was NOT enjoying working on it.

I should have finished it on Saturday.  But on Saturday morning, I discovered that the verse was off.  The whole verse.  And the alphabet.  AND the tan border.  So I frogged it ALL and fixed it and finished it on Sunday morning.

The offending verse

It is perfectly stitched now.  🙂

I am almost finished with Beekeeper’s Cottage too.  I spent Sunday stitching it but it gave me a neck ache.  It is too narrow to fit in my needlework stand so I was holding the Q-snap frame in my hand and looking down all afternoon.  I have both a herniated disk and cervical kyphosis and my neck can’t tolerate that.

And, I think A Sampler of Psalms is going to be retired, or frogged and the fabric used for something else.  I worked on it yesterday and today and found a horrible error in the chart.  One of the grid boxes is only 9 stitches wide instead of 10.  I searched for MY error for a long time before finding their error.  Since this project ends up 29 inches long or so, it would be a long time of dealing with that mistake and I know how I am.  It will make me crazy.  I have been stitching for 25 years and never saw a mistake like that in the pattern grid.

I am selling some of my Mill Hill Beads in my Etsy shop.  I crammed as many as would fit into a small priority mail box.  I have more that I don’t really need/want, but they will wait for another day.  So if you need beads, take a look in my shop.

Hopefully I will have Beekeepers finished before next time.  I think there are only 5 bands left to go.  I know what frame I would like for it when finances permit.

Have a blessed day!




Works in Progress

I finished Give Thanks on June 6th, so it only took 5 days to stitch.  I stuck it in the Cross Stitch Graveyard and promptly forgot to take a photo.  I will drag it back out for one soon.

Then I had a bad week.  I had a severe flare of arthritis, with nearly every joint in my body hurting (minus ankles and toes this time.)  When this happens, I also run a fever.  So on a 90+ degree day, I had a scarf on my head, a lightweight winter jacket on, and was under a blanket.  No stitching could possibly get done with my fingers all swollen.

Post recovery, I made my youngest son a couple of pairs of pajamas.  Prior to the flare, I also made more zipper bags, which are holding my stitching supplies for the project stuck in the matching project envelope.

I started an old pattern that I have had for a very long time — Plant Kindness by Little House Needleworks — on a piece of 14 count Aida.  It will work better for the finish I have in mind.  I may just set it aside, though, and let it become my Arthritis Recovery project.  This is what I managed to do post-flare:

Plant Kindness, in progress

Then once I was feeling better, I brought out Beekeeper’s Cottage, which was supposed to be my “car project” and was shocked to find that I had only done the stars and the moon.  Was that really all I could do on a trip to Daytona Beach?  Ugh.  I have been working on it a little since.

Beekeeper’s Cottage, in progress

There is an oops in the flower row.  Since this is a kit with silk thread, I will wait until I am finished to see if I have enough silk to fix it.  I may have a piece of matching silk in my silk collection (which is mostly leftovers from kits.)

I snapped a picture of Cardinal Points while I had the camera out.  Not my favorite, as stated previously.

Cardinal Points, in progress

My photo makes it look brightly colored, but believe me, it is very dull.

This is Humminpatches, barely started, and a lousy picture too.  I love the fabric.  Again, a bad picture.  It was thundering and very dark while I took it.  The fabric is a light purple with aqua.

Humminpatches, in progress

After all that thunder, no rain.  😦

And lastly, Hannah Jackson, a reproduction sampler.

Hannah Jackson sampler, in progress

Sampler of Psalms hasn’t changed at all since the last photo.

That’s all that is new (and old.)  Hopefully your stitching has been more productive than mine!

New starts

This week was spent at the sewing machine (ugh!) and starting new projects.  Here is the first one:

Sampler of Psalms start

This pattern was in Just Cross Stitch magazine a few years ago, presented over several issues.  It is a big one and I barely have it started.

  1.  I changed the word “excellent” to “majestic” since that is what my Bible says and one of my favorite Keith Green songs uses.
  2. I hate the fabric.  (More on that later.)

The second start is this one:

Give Thanks by Country Cottage Needleworks

I love this pattern and the colors, but — I hate the fabric.

This is the same fabric on both pieces.  It is Lambswool by Wichelt, and I have TONS of it.  But I remember why I HATE Wichelt linen.

  1.  It is thick and thin, which makes the stitches inconsistent sizes.
  2. It fuzzes up and looks messy.
  3. It fuzzes and frays my floss.
  4. It is so rough it tears my skin off.

In the above photo, if you look to the right of the piece of green floss, you will notice that the fabric is fuzzy/pilled.  After scratching the skin off my index finger on the first project, I decided to rinse and wash this piece first to see if it would soften up.  It did — but only a little.  As I am working with it, it is wrecking my floss and I am hating how some rows of stitches are small and squished compared to other rows.  Because of the thick/thin threads, it is also easy to “miss” and have to frog that stitch.

When I had a LNS, I was known for substituting everything with Zweigart linens.  I have had fabric tear skin off worse than this one (Weeks Dye Works 30 count) but I do have VERY sensitive skin.  Knitting yarn can tear it off.  It is part of a hereditary medical condition that I have.  If I bump or bang into something, goodbye, skin!



My stitches are fuzzy, inconsistent sizes, and that makes me unhappy.  😦  If it wasn’t for the fabric, I love everything else about this project.  I have lots of aqua in my house so it is perfect.

I did a little bit of finishing this week, too.

Count Your Blessings

This is a Lizzie Kate freebie that I stitched back in 2008.  I had lots of issues finishing this one.  I stitched it on Heatherfield which is partially man-made fibers, and the glue didn’t want to take.  Sigh.


I stitched this one last year.  It is in one of the Christmas Ornament issues of Just Cross Stitch, but it is not especially Christmas-y, so it is out on display.  I was afraid to finish this one because things usually don’t go very well for me in that department.


Another project envelope (I made three this week.)  I found this fabric as a remnant and loved it.  I did not line up the pattern on purpose, but it worked out that way.  ❤  Here it is opened:


The project envelopes and flat fold tutorials are by Vonna Pfeiffer aka The Twisted Stitcher.   The link will bring you to her videos but be sure to check out her blog, too, for more ideas.

I am anxiously watching the western Caribbean as we may have a tropical storm in a few days.  (My project-chopping son is now a meteorologist, but I think my husband and I are more interested in weather!)  Meanwhile, I will be stitching as much as possible on my yucky fabric.

Happy stitching!