Counting House Finished

I finished the Counting House!  I had several frogging sessions on this one and one bigger mistake that I just let go.  The colors are as charted except I replaced the blue (DMC 3768 — it was too close to my fabric color) with DMC 3072, which was already in the design.

Lousy cell phone picture

I have a new start going but it is going to be a long term project — nothing quick about it.  I also cut out some fabric today to try making some bags.  I have never sewn in a zipper before and will admit to being nervous about it.  I don’t really enjoy sewing at all.  And I grew up around sewing.

My parents and grandmother had a drapery/interior decorating business at my grandmother’s house.  Downstairs was my dear great-grandmother’s house, and her living room became the cutting room.  She had her personal machine — a treadle — in her den where she did her own sewing.  Sometimes she sewed the pinch pleats for the business.  Upstairs, my grandparents lived.  Their living room housed several industrial sewing machines.  The dining table was converted into a huge ironing board.

My grandmother was an excellent seamstress.  She made hand-beaded wedding gowns and beautiful dresses.

I spent all my school vacations there, plus all summer, every year.  As a child, I could hand-sew pinch pleats, fold draperies, and could even sew on the industrial machine.  I remember making true draperies on an industrial machine– even using buckrum and making pinch pleats — for my dollhouse.  So how I came to hate sewing I don’t know (unless it was watching my great-aunt sew her finger on the industrial straight-stitch.  I still get queasy thinking about it.)  I clench my teeth the entire time, whether I am hand sewing or using a machine, and relive unpleasant unrelated memories.

If I ever join church, I realize this is a HUGE problem.  My minister’s wife has seen my quilts and my cross stitching and insists that I can sew.  I can quilt — but I hate it.  I told her she will have to make all my dresses,  and she insists that she can teach me.  We’ll see.

Cutting fabric is so painful for me that I did all the cutting this morning with no intention of sewing tpday.  Maybe tomorrow.  Meanwhile my fingers are so painful I can barely type.

Also coming soon, I am going to try a flat fold finish again.  Hopefully the person cutting the mat board for me will cut them all the same this time.

Hopefully YOUR days are pain-free and your stitching frog-free!

Thanks for reading, and happy stitching!



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