Stitching Update and Another Story

Here is Simple Joys after 4.5 hours of stitching.  I have a lot more done now, but lost track of the time.


I am really enjoying this piece.  I tried the frame out for size against the top and it works.  Once I have one of the sides down to the bottom, I will try it again and hopefully it will work!

CAM00702 (3)
There’s a funny (now) story to go with this one…

This is a Shepherd’s Bush sampler from a kit, called “Apple Kissed Autumn.”  I stitched this in either 1995 or 1996, making my 3rd child 2 or 3  years old at the time.  Yes, there is a story behind this one, too.

Moms just are not allowed bathroom breaks.  Tragedy strikes if they dare sneak into the rest room.  And tragedy certainly befell this project.

I snuck off to the bathroom for 2 minutes at the most while I was working on this project.  When I came out, the two older children were playing while the youngest had taken my SHARP embroidery scissors to the linen of this one!  He cut several small holes right in the path of the stitching.  I was beside myself.  What should I do now?  It was a kit.  I was already down to the row of leaves, so there would not likely be enough silk to start over again on another piece of linen.

At the time, I had a LNS and I called, frantically telling my story.  The shop owner urged me to “Just get in here!” so I packed up the children, grabbed my ruined sampler, and off we went.  The shop owner decided that I could play with the design and “fudge” the stitching over the holes.  So if you look at the apple baskets, you will notice that the one on the right is too far to the left.  It’s covering a BIG hole.  If you look below the words “apple baskets” you will see an off-sized whatever-it-is on the right.  It is hiding the small holes.  This was the store owner’s suggestion and she assured me that no one would ever notice.  But you know that is all I see when I see this piece!!!  And now that is all you notice too!

I still hang it every year.  I do smile at it now.  My son is grown and I blame any and all bladder trouble on him.  😉

Have a peaceful weekend!


One thought on “Stitching Update and Another Story

  1. OMG, I would die if my kid chopped up my cross stitch! I’m pretty sure I would have wept in horror. I applaud you for persevering through the “tragedy”…it looks fabulous and I can’t even tell where the sliced spots are.


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