A Finish

It has been stormy here in the Sunshine State, so I have not been able to get any good pictures of my finish from 2 nights ago.  I finished Little House Needleworks’ “America” while listening to the hockey game.  😉  This is the best photo for now until the sun shines again.

lhn america

I stitched it on hand dyed Jobelan left over from Spiritdancer with the DMC floss colors specified in the pattern.  I have had this one for a long time!  It was a quick stitch (not counting frogging sessions) and a fun one too.  I love the colors.

I’ve been auditioning it on the walls of my home and it just doesn’t go.  My colors are Florida cottage style.  My dream colors are these though!  This one will go in the drawer dubbed “The Cross Stitch Graveyard” by one of my sons.

I brought out the Hannah Jackson sampler and remembered why I rarely work on it.  I hate the fabric (light color, scratchy, barely any margins — it came in a kit), the floss is all cut very short, many of the colors are blended colors, too much orange, and one big frogging session yesterday.

So Hannah went back into the UFO drawer, and I started Simple Joys by Little House Needleworks.  I started this one because it should fit in a frame I already have.  I ordered four frames at once and ordered them ALL too small.  I have used three of them on different projects and this should use the last of them from THAT order.  I have another frame from a previous order and have a piece that will fit it but haven’t felt like starting that one yet — an over-3 reproduction sampler.

I did not have all the called-for overdyed colors so I had to make several substitutions.  It looks very close to the pattern though — nothing drastically changed.

I ordered some patterns and accessories via an online needlework store since there is no LNS anywhere near me.  This was one of the patterns.  Two weeks later, I emailed asking if  something was wrong.  They had taken the money up front, of course.  The next day I received an email containing a tracking number — period.  No explanation.  So my order had just been sitting around.  One chart wasn’t there and was backordered, which I discovered from the packing slip.  I waited four more weeks and asked if I should cancel the last pattern.  Again I received an email the next day with just a tracking number.  Period.  Again no explanation.  No note in the order when it arrived, no packing slip, nothing!   I guess that chart had been there for who knows how long too.  I won’t be ordering from there again!

Ordering online has mostly been a flaming disaster for me.  I could write post upon post about the BAD customer service I have experienced.  Only one store has been exceptional, but she doesn’t always have what I am looking for, unfortunately.  And I have been to several stores around the state and had similarly negative experiences in varying degrees.  If you have a good LNS, treasure it and frequent it!  I wish I did…


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