The List of Current Projects

Sort of current projects, anyway.  My list of UFOs/WIPs:

The aforementioned Loara Standish Sampler — barely started.  It comes out once in a blue moon because it is so big and so unwieldy in Q-snaps.  A scroll frame would solve the problem but I have never met a scroll frame that I have liked and I am not willing to tie up lots of money waiting on one for months and months.

Beekeeper’s Cottage by Shepherd’s Bush — an oldie and also barely started.  I stitched this one before but gave it away.  It was to be my car-only project.  Except I have remembered to bring it along for the ride exactly once.

Hannah Jackson reproduction sampler — I am probably 1/3 finished on this one, but haven’t worked on it this year.  It is on light fabric and I usually like my samplers on darker fabric.

Humminpatches — just started and have one page nearly finished.  I only work on it on Sundays.  I am stitching it on Stormy Seas fabric which I dyed myself.

America by Little House Needleworks — just started, probably 1/3 done.  This is a fun one but I am not certain whether I want to keep it or not.

The Counting House by Little House Needleworks — barely started.  Another fun one.  I am definitely keeping this one!

Madonna of the Garden by Mirabilia — does a handful of stitches count as started?  This one got disrupted when someone asked me to stitch Spiritdancer for her.  I spent four months stitching her instead, only to have the buyer disappear.  Lesson learned: Demand a deposit before you waste over 200 hours of your life stitching something for someone else.  It is hard not to get angry about it, especially when I have autoimmune inflammatory arthritis in my fingers.  Over 200 hours + 4 months + pain + walked buyer = unhappy stitcher.  I still don’t have my stitching mojo back.

Cardinal Points by Long Dog Samplers — Oh, how I despise this project!  The shop owner told me how bright and bold and lovely it was in person.  Our idea of bright and bold are quite different, apparently.  Dull colors, monotonous stitching.  Never again.  I probably will NOT keep this one.  My mother likes the colors so I might just give it to her.

I didn’t realize I had 8 projects started.   I thought I only had 5!  I guess they just multiply without me realizing it.  Does anyone else have an ancient UFO?  Or a project started that you just really dislike?  Have you persevered through those, or do you just get rid of them?






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