The 19 year old UFO aka The Story Behind the Angel Sampler

Well, this is embarrassing.   The Petal Fairy was sitting around the house while unfinished –for 10 years!  It was my current oldest UFO, which is now the Loara Standish Sampler.  (I barely have it started.)  However, for most of its life, the Petal Fairy was NOT my oldest UFO.  It was far younger –by 11 years — than the oldest, which was the Angel Sampler.


Angel Sampler was started in 1995.  All this stitching was accomplished right away.  Somehow I lost interest in it and it just sat in storage.  It moved several times and dwelt in several states.  In 2014, it still looked like this.

In November, I took it out and decided to try working on it.  Christmas was coming, after all, and maybe that would help keep me interested and working on it.

13 days later…

Angel Sampler

Why I hadn’t worked on it before then is beyond me.  I never cared for the bottom as designed, but my youngest child suggested adding another sheep in the center and that worked for me.  Maybe the project just needed a certain little boy to be born, grow a bit, and make a great suggestion.



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