The Story Behind…

I thought I would explain the stories behind some of the pieces I have stitched, and to start, I thought I would explain about the Petal Fairy.

We had been doing some traveling and were fortunate enough to be near a cross stitch shop. This was exciting for me, since there was no shop anywhere near our home. Fortunately, the shop was open as it was their stitch-in night and it was there that I bought the pattern, beads, metallic thread, and fabric for the Petal Fairy. I decided to change the fabric from the original but was leaving everything else the same.

I was so excited to start her, that on the way home I bought a set of Q-snaps (like I didn’t have a dozen sets at home!) and some of the floss needed so I could start her in the car on the way home. Which I did, even though it makes me get a horrible motion-sickness headache.

Once home, I was very quickly going through this design. At about the second or third week, I was finishing up the top half of the design! I had started from the center and was working my way up when…

It couldn’t be!

She was NOT going to fit on the fabric!

I re-measured the center and I was spot on. What on earth could be wrong? The fabric was facing the right direction. ???

Uh-oh. It was stitching night when I bought the pattern. There was lots of chatter as I met the owner and the ladies stitching. She couldn’t have cut the fabric wrong?

That was exactly what had happened. The fabric was too small. The fairy would never fit on this piece of linen.

I took a photo and sent it to the store. The owner felt terrible and sent me a new piece of fabric. My family felt terrible and I had a volunteer pick all my stitching out of the old piece of fabric, to be saved for another project.

The new fabric came. I had been on such a roll, maybe I could “get there” again.

It was not to be. I re-started her, but my heart was no longer in the project. She stayed like this for years:

Stitchery-- April 27, 2009 005

This is about three years of progress.   And it didn’t get much better from there.


This is 2013, about when I realized that I had used the wrong color gold beads.  Which I carefully took out and fixed last year.

I thought she would look lovely in my home.  But I have since moved.  Three times.  😉

She and I were just not meant to be.

She doesn’t exactly pass the church test, although my fellow stitchers at church do admire the work that went into her.  When I started her I had never even *heard* of Amish-Mennonites!

May 2016.  11 years after she was started, she is finished.  I am stubborn and rarely give up on a project, so I persevered through this one.  She is lovely and hopefully will go to a good home, where she can be loved and admired and will make someone happy.

And that’s the story behind the Petal Fairy, which is no longer my oldest UFO.  🙂







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