About Me

I have been stitching and engaged in various fiber crafts as long as I can remember.  During cross stitch’s heyday and before the advent of online-only shops, I was a model stitcher for years.

I grew up around crafts and sewing and my family made their living doing just that!  There were four generations of us all working together at one time from when I was old enough to handle a sewing needle.  I have many happy memories of The Sewing Room and The Cutting Room.

In her spare time away from the Cutting Room, my mother was always doing some type of fiber craft, and I was always glued to her side watching her and accompanying her on craft shopping trips.

Now that I attend an Amish-Mennonite church, there are some stitched pieces that are no longer appropriate for my home.  I am able to use up my stash, though, and sometimes I list pieces for sale.  There are others that I will have to part with should I choose to join church.  So if you see something that you *really* like, just ask as it may become available in the future.

I also had a small yarn stash and didn’t realize how allergic to wool I am until I wore one of my shawls to church.  I had hives and welts all over, thus my yarn is also for sale in my Etsy shop.  There is more yarn coming soon.




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